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We. Got. Married.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Yesterday was the one week anniversary of Z and I making it legal.

Yep, Z and I are officially married.

The wedding (what I can remember about it at least - more on that later) was really lovely. It was a nice day out so we got to do an outdoor chuppah. So many of our family and friends made it even though they had to give up their holiday weekend. Nobody fainted and nobody got hurt. So overall, I would consider it a win.

Some of the biggest highlights include:

  1. The vows we wrote for each other

  2. My 95 year old Great-Aunt and 96 year old Great-Uncle as the flower girl and ring bearer

  3. The chicken which was apparently amazing

  4. The photobooth

  5. Me doing too many shots and being blackout drunk for the first time since college.

To be fair, I am not proud of the last one. Doing a whole bunch of shots and then ending up throwing up and crying in the bridal sweet is not how anyone dreams of their wedding going.

However, kudos to the man I married - Z was only slightly put off by the whole thing. He assured me it was alright and that really nobody had noticed. The second one was immediately discovered to be incorrect after we showed up at brunch the next day and people kept coming up and asked if I was feeling better. I appreciate Z lying to me to try and make me feel better.

And if nothing else, the few photos that I’ve seen involve me looking very happy.

Having fun before the fun was too much fun

And now, we have entered a new phase called: Married life.

Highlights include:

  1. Zack wearing his first piece of jewelry ever and probably imagining ways to lose the ring

  2. The horrible head cold that has left me super grumpy and tired

  3. The chaos that is the boxes and cards and other awesome wedding gifts taking up all the room is our tiny New York City apartment

Listen, some people glow with married bliss. Other people glow for a cold sweat and bright yellow snot. You win some, you lose some.

Married bliss and forgotten jewelry

We spent our first shabbos as a married couple out in Long Island at Z’s family’s house for the final Sheva Brachot.

If you too are unaware of this custom, it means seven blessings. It’s the seven blessings that are recited under the chuppah by friends and family. It’s then repeated at celebratory meals the nights after - for a total of seven meals (including the wedding meal).

As someone who took exactly one day of work off and then was back in the saddle Wednesday morning - the idea of having dinner with people every night for seven nights was a little much.

So, in the great tradition of compromise (basically the theme of reform and orthodox combination weddings) - we had one dinner Tuesday night hosted by some wonderful family friends of Zack’s and then we had a dinner on Friday and a lunch on Saturday.

It was a weekend full of food, fun and an excellent shabbos nap.

And now, we go back to normal life.

Only during my cleaning of the apartment last night, I got to use a cordless dyson instead of my old one.

I would normally rather die than upload a photo where I look like this - but c'mon - that is a happy face

And let me tell you, it was the strongest moment of wedded bliss I’ve had so far.

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